Salary Survey

Have you ever wondered if you are earning a market related salary? You are working a niche position in a niche industry.
As recruiters with more than 10 years’ experience in your industry sector we are uniquely positioned to help you answer this question.
We are gathering info from you- right at the source to build a proper set of salary data. Once the data has been compiled, we will send you info about the salary band that you fall in.
What do you need to do?
1. Find your most recent annual salary income info. This could be:
    • IRP5 SARS document (search your email inbox, or your wherever you save your salary information). This is the most reliable source of income and most easy to understand (follow the link if you’d like more info about reading your IRP5)
    • Recent salary slips (if you are earning variable commission and bonuses you will need a few to give you a proper idea of what your annual income will be)
    • Salary increase letter
    • Offer letter (if you have started a new job in the past months and haven’t received an IRP5 yet)
2. Complete the form below (this will take less than 2 minutes once you have all your info in front of you)
3. Press Register!